Pascal Dombis

Géométries Irrationnelles, 2008, Vitry sur seine, FR Site specific digital print installation

Dombis initially worked with simplistic rules: drawing a straight line for instance. But then he used digital tools to reach the wildest proliferations possible. Visual forms appear (they are not intentionally programmed) out of the excessive enforcement of autonomous and simple rules. So Dombis does not consciously conceive a structure in advance. He lays down simple rules and lets them go through a series of interactions.
Dombis lives and works in Paris. He earned an engineering degree from the Insa University in Lyon. In 1987, he spent one year at Tufts University where he attended computer art classes at Boston Museum School and began to use computers and algorithms in his art. From 1994 to 2000, he participated in the fractalist exhibitions that were curated by the art critics Susan Conde and Henri-François Debailleux that used fractal theory to project a new paradigm for art.